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About Us

“How can you go from school, from having all these things, to suddenly…nothing?” – Parent

Parity for Disability stands for excellence in services and support for people with multiple disabilities and their families. Parity is an established, award-winning charity.

Parity exists because when young people with multiple disabilities leave full-time education, they lose almost all of the specialist services and support they had as children. They need the right staff and facilities to continue leading their lives.

At our three day services in Farnborough, Mytchett and Camberley, people aged 18+ keep building skills, working towards goals and connecting with the world, participating in the community and beyond.

The majority of our students live with their families, and so family carers receive much-needed respite, reducing the risk of breakdown, illness and crisis.

While the students are the core focus of our work, Parity also runs:

  • An Activity Scheme during Easter and Summer holidays where young people with multiple disabilities do the indoor and outdoor activities other youngsters might take for granted.

  • A Music Therapy Service that operates both on-site and in homes, schools and other settings.

Although we receive fees from local authorities, they do not cover all costs. We must raise over £150,000 each year to maintain and to further develop much-needed services. Find out how you can get involved.