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Easter and Summer Activity Scheme

for ages 12 and up

“Travelling to London would be very difficult for the family. In fact any form of public transport is a challenge.”
– parent

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Parity’s Activity Scheme runs in the Easter and summer holidays for young people aged 12 and over who have multiple disabilities. Many find that opportunities to meet up with friends, take part in activities and pursue interests – in fact, do all the things others take for granted during the holidays – are very limited.

The Scheme is operated from a church in Fleet, Hampshire and employs a high ratio of staff who receive training beforehand. Most are university and college students who share a young outlook.

Activities at the base include art and craft, music, cooking, games, sensory activities, computers, hair and beauty sessions, books and magazines, and wheelchair dancing. Participants use the scheme’s minibus to visit local parks, the bowling alley and other facilities. Trips by train are popular, with many  travelling to London and further afield.