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Sponsored Challenges

Runs, walks, and other events you can do for sponsorship. Check websites for ballot entry/ticket info well in advance.


Event When Website
Basingstoke Park Run Every Saturday
Brighton Half Marathon February
Surrey Half Marathon March
Reading Half Marathon March
Fleet Half Marathon March
Southampton Half Marathon April
Bracknell Half Marathon May
Royal Berkshire 10K May
Hook Fun Run & 10k May
London 10,000 May
Winchester  5k June
New Forest Marathon September
Maidenhead Half Marathon September
Byfleet 5 or 10K September
Oxford Half Marathon October
Royal Parks Half Marathon October
Great South Run October


Annual Charity 10K, Shalford Park, Guildford May
London to Brighton May
The Surrey 3 Peaks July
Thames Path Challenge September
London Marathon Walk September
London Marathon Walk September


Windsor Color Rush May
London Color Rush May
Windsor Triathlon June
Winchester Tough Mudder September
Grim Challenge (Aldershot) December