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Social Inclusion

According to studies, without human contact we suffer ill health: our blood pressure rises, inflammation is boosted and many end up engaging in a poor diet and lack of physical activity.

Parity’s minibuses make it possible for students to avoid social isolation on a regular basis, enjoying time spent with friends and with the new people they meet when out and about.

Back at base, music therapy groups are one way that students can join a group where they are active participants, using their own skills, talents, emotions and ideas.

A Minibus Adventure

When student Adam took control of the wheel of a Parity minibus, it turned into an unforgettable journey for everyone involved.

Adam was equipped to lead his magical mystery tour around Farnborough using two button devices called switches. One instructed Keyworker Tarne, driving, to go ‘left’ when he pressed it and one said ‘right’. After setting off, they circled the estate and passed Parity several times to the great amusement of students and staff watching through the windows, before finally exiting for the open road. They travelled four miles to the village of North Camp, going in and out of many car parks on the way!

Besides the fun and enjoyment, Adam exercised decision-making abilities, used his flexibility and dexterity, and experienced more of the world. Find out how you can help ensure more people with multiple disabilities make their own choices and take control. Just click here.

Hello from Vinnie

This time last year, Vinnie was lying in bed at home, battling severe health problems. Eventually, following months of illness, Vinnie needed a way to start living life unhampered by complex care needs. Still fragile, he began short visits to Parity. He soon showed he could make the most of any opportunity.

Today, the Vinnie we’ve come to know and love is always busy – sensory cooking, playing his touch pad drum kit and guitar, using the computer and interactive technology, making trips out using the minibus, working on his communication and doing plenty of physio stretches.

Vinnie has excelled, gradually upping his time at the day service to four full days a week. “Parity have worked around his medical needs to enable him to have the best time possible,” says Vinnie’s mother Marie. “He loves his days at Parity and comes home full of smiles.” Many more people like unstoppable Vinnie need Parity’s services. Please visit our support us page to see how you could get involved.

Awards for All

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery, we’ve been able to run a successful programme of music therapy places for students using Parity’s day services.

The students who worked with Parity’s qualified music therapists addressed emotional or communication needs through the power of music.

A music therapy group can promote a students’ understanding of how to participate, reducing social exclusion. The therapists also worked with team managers to identify students with needs that include depression, emotional distress, or loss of confidence and engagement due to serious health issues.

Parity’s Music Therapy Service operates on-site and within community settings like special needs schools. It became available to more students at Parity’s day services thanks to the ‘Awards for All’ Lottery grant.

Thank you to the players of the National Lottery. You have helped ensure Parity for Disability continues to provide much-needed specialist services and a good quality of life to people with profound and multiple disabilities..

To help ensure more people with multiple disabilities access music therapy when they need it. Just click here.